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When things change

If you stop working for Cummins or decide to opt out of the DB Section, your benefits will remain in the Plan until you’re ready to retire or you transfer them to another pension arrangement. 

You’ll become a deferred member and will no longer build up benefits in the Plan. Your benefits will increase in value between the date you leave and when you retire in line with inflation.


  • If you die while working for Cummins, your spouse or partner will receive a pension of at least 50% of your prospective retirement pension. In addition, your beneficiaries will also receive a tax-free lump sum of between three and four times your basic annual salary. 
  • If you die after you leave Cummins but before you retire, your spouse or dependant will receive a pension of at least 50% of the pension amount at the date of your death. 
  • If you die after retiring, your spouse or partner will receive a pension. In addition, if you die within five years of retiring, your beneficiaries will receive a lump sum that’s equal to the value of the remaining payments that would have been made during that five-year period, if you hadn’t died.

Nominate a beneficiary
Knowing who’s important to you is important to us. The Trustee decides how to pay any lump sum that’s due so that it doesn’t form part of your estate, where it would be subject to inheritance tax.

Remember to check and reconfirm your nomination every two years or whenever your circumstances change, such as if you get married or divorced, or have a child. You can do this by logging in via Manage my pension.